[CLOSED] Hidden field value set in java script is empty in code behind page.

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    [CLOSED] Hidden field value set in java script is empty in code behind page.


    I have a js function that creates some link and on clicking that link, it calls another js function where i set values for hidden fields . Then,
    i navigate to same page where I would like to access these hidden fields , set them as session variables and navigate to some other page.
    (basically, I am trying to avaoid query string..)

    App.Hidden1.value = somejavascriptvariable;
    App.Hidden2.value = somejsvariable2;

    And then trying to
    window.location.href = "samepage.aspx"

    In the code behind, on the same page, I am trying to access those hidden fields (this.Hidden1.value) in page load...but they are empty..I debugged to check that hiddenfileds contain values in js.

    pls help me find a solution on how I can access the values correctly? Also, as an additional info,

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    Please, check that you have form tag

    <form runat="server">
    Can you say how you submit these values? Also, please, check that the request contains values from these fields.
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    window.location.href = "samepage.aspx"
    It doesn't cause form submit, fields must be submitted
    Please see DirectEvents/DirectMethods or native ASP.NET postback to submit the form
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer

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