[CLOSED] Cosmetic issue :-)

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    [CLOSED] Cosmetic issue :-)

    Good Morning all

    First: It's not a Bug a speak about, it is a cosmetic issue.

    I use HeaderItems in a GridPanel to implement a search function on the Grid.
    My 'Problem' is the 'ClearButton' Plugin...

              <ext:Column ID="colOrderReference" runat="server" DataIndex="OrderReference" Text="OrderReference" Width="125" Groupable="False" Sortable="true" MenuDisabled="False" Flex="1">
                  <ext:TextField ID="selOrderReference" runat="server">
                      <ext:ClearButton ID="ClearButton2" runat="server" />
    This Plugin renders the 'Decline' Icon to the Textbox. With the newer Versions of IE, the Textbox already owns a 'clear' Button - the 'x'-Sign. Hoovering into the Textbox changes this 'x' sign to the 'Decline' Icon.

    Because all other Textboxes in in the Application are configured to use no Plugin, the HeaderItem looks different from the Rest - which is a Cosmetic problem.

    Is there a workaround the prevent the Plugin from rendering the 'Decline' Icon for Browsers already having this Build-In Clear Button ('x'-Sign) ?

    Kind Regards

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    You can use the following css rule to prevent IE10 clear button
    .x-clearfield input::-ms-clear {
        display: none;
    and add Cls="x-clearfield" for TextField
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Now ClearButton plugin automatically deactivates IE10 clear button, please update from SVN and retest (or use the solution from previous post)
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer

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