[CLOSED] Access hidden field in code behind

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    [CLOSED] Access hidden field in code behind


    I have a hidden field declared in my MVC view as follows:

    and i try to access it in my controller using following code:

      var hdn= this.GetCmp<Hidden>("hdn");
    but when I try to get is value using hdn.Value it gives me undefined.

    Any suggestion whats wrong or missng

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    Hi @PriceRightHTML5team,

    It means that a Hidden's value is not submitted. Generally speaking, the ASP.NET MVC concept exclude auto submitting of everything how it is done in ASP.NET WebForm by means of
    <form runat="server">
    If you call a controller action via a DirectEvent/DirectMethod, I would suggest you to send a Hidden's Value as an extra parameter.

    For example, as here with a DirectMethod in #3:

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