[CLOSED] ext.axd is not loading in Azure project

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    [CLOSED] ext.axd is not loading in Azure project

    I am trying to build a Windows Azure site with Ext.Net. This project can be downloaded here.
    I am getting below error whenever I try to look the sample (Ext.NET.Default.aspx) page on browser (on local)

    Since I added the ext dlls from nuget so config file etc are self generated & correct.

    Please help me out here , it is urgent for me.
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    If you add the following IgnoreRoot rule to App_Start/RouteConfig.cs file (in RegisterRoutes method) then does it help?
    Also (if RouteConfig modification has no effect) try to set CleanResourceUrl="false" for ResourceManager (or in web.config)
    <extnet cleanResourceUrl="false" />
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    Adding <extnet cleanResourceUrl="false" /> in config file has done the trick.

    Thank You.
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    Did you try IgnoreRoute first?
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    Vladimir, I am NOT able to add the below code.

    My RouteCollection class has no method called IgnoreRoute. I have MapPageRoute though.

    I am running into the same issue with ext.axd (not found/could not load)

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