[CLOSED] [2.x] - MVC - Razor - How to add Portlet dynamically (Controller and Javascript)

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    [CLOSED] [2.x] - MVC - Razor - How to add Portlet dynamically (Controller and Javascript)


    I have been looking for clue on how to add portlet dynamically using MVC Razor Controller and Javascript, but no luck.
    Do you have example on how to do it?

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    Thanks for reply, is not quite what i am looking for.
    Lets say i have a Portal control with pre-defined PortalColumns (i.e. 2 columns)
    and I want to dynamically (through DirectEvents) create Portlets in either PortalColumn
    (the content of the portlets will render different URLs.)

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    I would use a Loader.

    It is possible to implement it in Razor referring controller actions in the same way as the example demonstrates referring an HTTP handler.

    You can set up AutoLoad="false" for a Loader to defer loading till you need. To force loading or reload a PortalColumn by JavaScript you can call this:
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    Hi Daniil,

    I tried the following code and no luck, i must be missing a lots of things...

        ViewBag.Title = "Server Status Center";    var X = Html.X();} @(X.Panel().ID("Panel_101").Layout(LayoutType.Fit).Loader(X.ComponentLoader().Url(Url.Action("GetServerStatus")).Mode(LoadMode.Component).Params(new { containerId = "Panel_101" })) )
     public ActionResult GetServerStatus(string containerId)
            {            ComponentLoader.Render(new List<AbstractComponent>()                        {                             new Panel { Title="Item 1", Icon = Icon.UserBrown },                            new Panel { Title="Item 2", Icon = Icon.UserGray },                            new Panel { Title="Item 3", Icon = Icon.UserGreen }                        }                    );            return this.Direct();         }
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    Hi Daniil,

    nvm, i think i got it. I use ContentResult.

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    Yes, you can use a ContentResult.

    There is also a ComponentConfigResult in Ext.NET which you can use here.

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