I've a problem with Ext.net 2.2.
I've some controls (ascx) that can be loader by a Loader in a page using an HttpHandler.
I found that if there are something with the same ID (e.g. a save button) on different controls, the last controls loaded take existing object (the save button) for itself removing it from the first control loaded (tis is causad by the use of Explicit IdMode from ComponentLoader.Render used in the HttpHandler).
For example:
1. Load test1.ascx with a window that contain a button with ID btnSave
2. Load test2.ascx with a window that contain a button with the same ID btnSave

after execute point 2 the button disappear from the panel loaded with test1.ascx. I noticed that the XScript in the HtmlBin of the Window in test1.ascx appear three times in the respose of the handler call but the first time any reference to controls like #{btnPrice} appear like App.id2c93647ab7b9837c_txtPrice and in the other two replicas appear like App.txtPrice.

So I try to set Namespace (e.g. TestNamespace) property of the ext:window in the ascx but the control does not be loaded and, with a network sniffer, I see that the response from the call to the HttpHandler is something like:
{'x.res':{ns:["TestNamespace"]},config:"[{contentHtml:function(){Ext.net.append(Ext.net.get El(Ext.getBody()),[\"<script type=\\\"text/javascript\\\" language=\\\"javascript\\\">\",\" ... ... ...

Note that the config contains the correct javascript (but with some "\") needed to create panels but none appears and the callback that I've been set in the Loader is not called.

What can I do to avoid overlapping IDs?

Thank you.
Best regards.