[CLOSED] Change parent (iFrame parent) title

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    [CLOSED] Change parent (iFrame parent) title


    I am loading aspx pages in dynamically created (tab) panel's content as below:

                        NewPanel.Loader = new ComponentLoader
                            Url = MenuRequest.TargetPage,
                            Mode = LoadMode.Frame,
                            LoadMask =
                                ShowMask = true,
                                Msg = MenuRequest.LoadMaskMsg
    I want to change title of NewPanel after an event handler of the iFrame page (client side). I can access the parent panel like parent.App["NewPanelID"] but this ID is variable, not fixed. Is there a way to get parent panel handle of an aspx loaded as iFrame in the parent panel? Like this.up("...") ?

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    Hi @bayoglu,

    To access a parent Ext.NET container (i.e. NewPanel in your case) from an iframe page please use:
    window.parentAutoLoadControl.setTitle("new title");
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    Thanks @Daniil. Issue solved, please mark as closed.

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