[CLOSED] Custom GridPanel Sorting

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    [CLOSED] Custom GridPanel Sorting


    I have a grid with N columns, and only one of these is sortable. I want to perform a custom order when user order this column.

    When I say custom order, it means that sortable column is field "X" and in my sort function I want to to use columns "Y and "Z" that are fields of model, but not visible columns for example.

    Is there a way to perform this?

    I'm using Ext.NET 2.1 r4377 (ExtJS 4.1.3)
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    Hi @softmachine2011,

    It should be possible via remote sorting. To enable it please set up RemoteSort="true" for a Store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniil View Post
    Hi @softmachine2011,

    It should be possible via remote sorting. To enable it please set up RemoteSort="true" for a Store.
    Yes I know, I forget to tell you that this rows are generated in client side, then sort must be performed in client side.
    I was investigating and I found that you can create something like this in store model

    <ext:ModelField Name="MyField" Type="Int" UseNull="true">
                                            <CustomSortType Fn="MyCutomSortTypeFn" />
    Is this what I'm looking for? If yes, how it is used?
    I see that, only column value is received by sorter function...
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    Here is an example for Ext.NET v1.

    I think it should be similar in Ext.NET v2 (but, probably, not exactly the same).

    Hope this helps.
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    Like I say in previous post, CustomSortType only pass column value as argument and I need another column value to define order.
    I think that CustomSortType isn't what I'm looking for, is there another way to do it?
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    Yes, you are right, there is only a value available.

    I think you should implement custom sorting by switching off default sorting. Then catch a header click (a ColumnModel's HeaderClick event) and sort the data by calling a Store's sort method, passing custom sorters.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks daniil, I could do it with store sort method.

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