[CLOSED] Local sorting with local filtering and paging

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    [CLOSED] Local sorting with local filtering and paging

    another problem with filters occured:
    local sorting on a grid with paging doesnt work if filters are local too.
    You can even see it in your own example (https://examples2.ext.net/#/GridPane...Filters_Local/)
    sort by a column (not company or id) and click next page. Check sortorder then.

    Now to reproduce take this example (https://examples2.ext.net/#/GridPane...l_Data_Paging/)

        <ext:GridFilters ID="GridFilters1" runat="server" Local="true">
            <ext:NumericFilter DataIndex="change" />
    ---> if filters are local and you sort a column and go to next page it isnt sorted anymore
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    Thank you! We are investigating.
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    It should be fixed in revision #5193 (SVN trunk). Thank you again for the report!

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