I have a grid setup using the grid filters feature which is working fine, except for columns that are part of a grouped column, e.g:

                <ext:Column ID="Column3" runat="server" Text="Phase">
                        <ext:DateColumn ID="DateColumn2" runat="server" DataIndex="Due_P2" Text="Due Date"
                            Format="D dd/m/yyyy">
                                <ext:DateField ID="DateField2" runat="server" Format="dd/m/yyyy" />
                        <ext:Column ID="Column4" runat="server" DataIndex="Status_P2" Text="Status">
                                <ext:SelectBox ID="SelectBox2" runat="server">
                                        <ext:ListItem Text="Complete" Value="Complete" />
                                        <ext:ListItem Text="In Progress" Value="In Progress" />
                                        <ext:ListItem Text="Not Started" Value="Not Started" />
Example Filter code:

            <ext:GridFilters ID="GridFilters1" runat="server" Local="True">
                    <ext:StringFilter DataIndex="Name" />
                    <ext:ListFilter DataIndex="Status_P2" Options="Completed,In Progress,Not Started" />
                    <ext:DateFilter DataIndex="Due_P2" />

I expected the filters to appear in the drop down for the 2 columns defined above, but they don't show at all.

Any help much appreciated :)