Coolite 0.6 ETA?

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    Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    Hi Geoffrey,

    I realize it is a bad time to bug you with questions, but is there an ETA on v6.0? From what I recall, it is anticipated early/mid August. Any predictions on your side?

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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    I am interested in the list of major components that will be included in v0.6 . I see the twitter updates about the ComboBox and Label, and I am crossing my fingers FormPanel will make it to v0.6 .
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    v0.6 is close. We're going to release a "Preview" release first. There's a load of huge new functionality and many new features which do not currently exist in the ASP.NET space. We need some feedback to confirm our decisions (right or wrong) before stamping as an *official* final v0.6 release.

    Unfortunately the FormPanel will not be included with the v0.6 Preview release. Although... with v0.6 we completed a lot of infrastructure work in preparation for the FormPanel, and it will be released very shortly after the v0.6 preview.

    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    So FormPanel will be part of v0.7? I have been holding off development on some of my pages that require a form. I guess it is back to pure ExtJS for me.

    Keep up the good work and hope v0.6 preview comes out soon.
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    Any update about when v0.6 will be available to the community? Anxiously waiting..
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    The <ext:FormLayout> will be included with the v0.6 release.

    The <ext:FormPanel> and related client-side and server-side validation framework will be available with v0.7.

    A simple sample demonstrating the use the <ext:FormLayout> is available at the following location, see

    The version 0.6 Preview release will be soon. At this point it's just a matter of finishing a few loose ends.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    Nice work with the FormLayout! I'm delighted that it'll be included on the v0.6 release :)

    I'm eager to test v0.6. I'm holding a couple of personal projects and the purchase of the license 'till I can test it out.
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    Hi guys,

    I subscribe the participation of Chelonian...

    I started a project with the Coolite components and now I'm waiting for the grid contained into v0.6.

    So, my question is: is it possible to release latest 0.6 version of the Coolite Toolkit before the end of this week?

    I really need it, the time is going out and I don't want to change this component because, to date, I think it is the best.
    If it isn't possible, could you send me a beta or a preview 0.6 version? I have to estimate the toolkit for my company because of a possible future purchase.

    Thank's in advance!
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?

    We're looking for a few more people to test v0.6. If you're interested in testing, please email me (geoff [at] coolite [dot] com) directly and I'll send you the .dll. We still have a few bugs to work out, but the public release will be soon.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Coolite 0.6 ETA?


    Thanks for the update! Could you please be a bit more specific rather than saying "soon"? :-) Just give us a guesstimate please! Is it going to be released this month? If so, is it first half or second half of the month?

    Thank you!
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