Gridpanel layout issue in IE8

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    Gridpanel layout issue in IE8

    Hi folks,

    There seems to be a layout problem with the gridpanel/fitlayout in combination with tabs in IE8.
    When you have a tabbased frame (such as the examples), and you open multiple items from the tree on the left side (all after eachother, without waiting for the tab to be loaded), the fitlayout around the grid doesn't seem to fire off.

    result is as seen in attached image.

    When the browser is only resized for even 1px, it automatically goes into fit layout.

    Thanks for checking out.

    Kind regards,

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    RE: Gridpanel layout issue in IE8


    Can you post example which reproduce this problem? I tried to reproduce the layout that you have shown in the image but under IE8 I can't reproduce the problem
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    RE: Gridpanel layout issue in IE8

    It is a ViewPort with a BorderLayout and a Center with a Panel and within that panel a fitlayout and within this a gridpanel...

    Like this:
    <ext:ViewPort ID="ViewPortCountry" runat="server">
      <ext:BorderLayout ID="BorderLayoutCountry" runat="server"> 
        <ext:Panel ID="PanelCountry" runat="server" Title="Country" Icon="World">
          <ext:FitLayout ID="FitLayoutCountry" runat="server">
           <ext:GridPanel runat="server" ID="GridPanelCountry" StoreID="StoreCountry">
    But if you wait for it to load it is no problem, but if you quickly after eachother open two menuitems from the left tree, than the two tabs are opened after eachother and the first loads behind the second. (You don't see the first loading ofcourse, you are on the second tab).

    The second tab loads just fine, when you then click on the first tab, you'll see he didn't apply the fitlayout.

    Kind regards,

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    RE: Gridpanel layout issue in IE8

    Online sample:


    On the left side open Settings, and then in the tree > Global Settings
    There you see two items: Technologies (1M) and Technologies (100K) (one sample with 1million records and one sample with 100.000 records)

    When you click on the first one, don't wait for it to load and click immediatly on the the second one, you'll see what I mean. The second one will be loaded fine, when you click on the first clicked tab, then it is not fitted.

    And the strangest is: when you just slightly resize the browser, it applies the fitlayout.

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    RE: Gridpanel layout issue in IE8


    I reproduced the problem.
    At this moment I can suggest only one solution (not very nice but it is working)
    Add the following listener to the TabPanel in center region

      <TabChange Handler="if(tab.iframe &amp;&amp; tab.iframe.dom.contentWindow  &amp;&amp; tab.iframe.dom.contentwindow.ViewPortCountry){tab.iframe.dom.contentwindow.ViewPortCountry.doLayout();}" />
    Please note that iframe page must contain ViewPortCountry

    May be it is better define js function in iframe page (for example refreshLayout)

    function refreshLayout(){
    And then TabChange listener will be check this function in iframe and call it

      <TabChange Handler="if(tab.iframe &amp;&amp; tab.iframe.dom.contentWindow  &amp;&amp; tab.iframe.dom.contentwindow.refreshLayout){tab.iframe.dom.contentwindow. refreshLayout();}" />

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