[CLOSED] Append a Record to the Store

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    [CLOSED] Append a Record to the Store

    Guess who - me again :-)

    Today is really rough...

    I got a grid with some data in the store. Now a need to add a new record at the end of the Grid. My 'normal' adding looks like

    grid.getStore().add({ Id: newPseudoGUI() });
    Is there a way to manage the 'position' where the record is inserted ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter.Treier View Post

    grid.getStore().add({ Id: newPseudoGUI() });
    Well, i found it by my self - always searched for something like addAt() at Sencha...

    Now I found
     grid.getStore().insert(index,{ Id: newPseudoGUI() });

    Please close this thread :-)
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    There's an insert method that takes in position and the new record. It is also used in this example:

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    Thank you @jchau for your answer!

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