[CLOSED] Example Populating Panel's Content (HTML required for SEO)

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    [CLOSED] Example Populating Panel's Content (HTML required for SEO)

    At the presentation layer, it is easy to do the following:

    <ext:Panel ID="P" runat="server">
         <h1>Hello World!</h1>
    The following will render something to the effect of:
    <div id="P_Content" class="x-hidden">     <h1>Hello World!</h1></div>
    ... which is good because this is a pure HTML stream that a webcrawler can see.

    But dynamically who do I do the equivalent?

    P.html produces javascript with html as a property. That's not acceptable html stream.

       new HtmlGenericControl("h1") { InnerHtml = "Hello World!" }
    ... produces the Html stream but not displayed by Ext.Net.

    So how do you write the text to P.Content?
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    Hi @michaeld,

    Please use ContentControls instead of Controls.
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    Thank you. I had actually forgotten that subtlety. Shame there's no way to cause Controls.Add to exception, as using it will break resize and flex.
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    Still... I would like to know how to populate ITemplate dynamically. Like, how can I dynamically fill htmlbin?
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    A markup HtmlBin property puts the things into a Control's Controls collection.

    So, in code behind, please just populate a Controls collection.

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