X.GetCmp and FileUploadField

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    X.GetCmp and FileUploadField

    Hi all.

    First of all, I'm completely new here in this forum, and I am not a Ext.Net Guru, so be patient with me ;).

    I am creating pages dynamically (in VB.net if it matters), based on a XML configuration, with all kind of controls and any number of them. So, for each field in the XML, I create the control and assign an ID to it (the ID is from the XML). I have a "submit" button that, when clicked, parse the XML again, get the ID of each field, and gets the control for this ID with Ext.Net.X.GetCmp. Then, once I have the control, I get the value and do some stuff with it. So if you don't press the "submit" button, nothing happens. Everything works like a charm except for the control type FileUploadField. According to http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php...ind-use-it-s-I, for some reason, GetCmp doesn't work with FileUploadField. I have spent like 15 or 20 stucked here, googling, reading ext.net forums with no luck. I can't see why it just doesn't work, and how to solve this. I can't just use the listener as suggested in this link, because the file should not be uploaded until the user press the submit button.

    So, again, my question is: Is there some way to get a FileUploadField control based on it's ID? (sounds like a noob question lol). And, just to know, why getcmp doesn't work with this kind of control?

    Thank you very very much in advance, and sorry for my bad english.
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    Hi @josecano,

    I have answered your question on Stackoverflow.
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    Thanks Daniil

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