[CLOSED] DateFilter operational behavior

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    [CLOSED] DateFilter operational behavior


    My requirement is to provide the users with capacity to apply DateFilters using BETWEEN queries. I believe the DateFilter control has this functionality built in and all it takes is for the user to specify the needful date range by picking "Before" and "After" dates.
    With that being said, I'm curious if it's possible to make this operation a smooth one. What happens is the filter menu collapses after selecting the "Before" date from the date picker. One has to click on the column menu to reopen the filter to navigate to the same place and then pick out the "After" date. This process proved cumbersome.
    When I look at the NumericFilter UI behavior, that's what fits the bill. The filter menu stays open until the user clicks elsewhere. Please recommend the right approach to achieve this effect for the DateFilter.
    Example link:
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    Hi Vadym,

    This behavior is built-in into Ext.NET v2 (ExtJS 4).

    Unfortunately, it is not in Ext.NET v1 (ExtJS 3). And, more sadly, I am not sure there is a solution for Ext.NET v1.

    I think this issue is similar to this one, but I am not sure there is a good way to apply that solution.
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    Hi Daniil,

    Are you saying there's positively no way to apply a workaround to keep the date picker open for the filter?
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    Well, "I am not sure" doesn't equal "no way":)

    I think it is worth to try to implement something similar to the example that I have referred.
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    Hi Daniil, could you please give me some directions with this? Are you referring to the example at http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php...ll=1#post72470? What's the control to implement its Render event listener, is it the filter or its menu or the date picker?
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    Working on that I have found much better solution.
    <ext:DateFilter DataIndex="Start">
        <DatePickerOptions runat="server">
                <ext:ConfigItem Name="hideOnClick" Value="false" Mode="Raw" />
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    That's an awesome solution indeed, very much appreciated!!
    While we're at it, I've been wondering what's the behavior of Date filters by design. Are they intended to provide the BETWEEN kind of filtering? I do realize that one can combine the After and Before conditions in such a way as to create a Between query (I believe Before and After work as a boolean AND pair), but is it how it's supposed to be? Also, I've noticed that selecting the On check option negates the Before and After options and vice versa, which makes sense. However, that only occurs while selecting the dates directly from the Date picker control. One can still check off all of the the Before, After and On menus at the same time, in which case I guess On date takes precedence, although all menus still appear checked off. Is this the right behavior and can it be corrected to match the proper logic? Could you please enlighten me on these concerns or provide a link to informative educational resources if available.
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    A "before" filter unchecks an "after" if a selected date (in the "before" filter) less than the "after" filter's one. If the selected date is more than the "after" filter's one, the "after" filter won't be unchecked.

    Something like:
    dates less than before <> BEFORE <> nothing <> AFTER <> dates more than after

    To get
    nothing <> BEFORE <> the dates between <AFTER> nothing
    you can swap the Before and After filters.
        //menuItems : ['before', 'after', '-', 'on'],
        menuItems : ['after', 'before', '-', 'on']
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    Thanks for your help Daniil, please mark this thread as closed or merge it with http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php...vent-listeners.
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