[CLOSED] RAZOR / JS component Ref question

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    [CLOSED] RAZOR / JS component Ref question

    Hi Guys

    I am cracking on through my dynamic tab creation and now I have a wee reference question. I am adding

    To my id's that I need to be unique but part of the code uses a javascript direct method to build and fire a url in this I was just saying

    Which worked fine but of course it wont now are the ID will be assetType1 , assetType2, etc, etc

    I thought that using
    Ext.getTextField('sStock' + tabnumber).getValue()
    might work as
    does the trick for stores. But just get errors

    Not sure how I should reference these text fields etc.
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    Hi @OriCoder,

    There is the getCmp function.

    Ext.getCmp('sStock' + tabnumber).getValue()
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    douhhhh! should have thought of that using it all the time in the controller. Closed

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