[CLOSED] Grouping with Multiple Column in GridPanel

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    [CLOSED] Grouping with Multiple Column in GridPanel


    I have seen these two example for Sorting and Grouping.


    1) How can I implement Grouping on more than one column (ie. Group, sub group like).
    2) I want to implement following functionality.
    Let end user will decide on which column have to group by drag and drop functionality just like in first example listed above(multiple_sorting_local) with enable to multiple column grouping. So is it any example available otherwise give me idea how can I implement this?

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    Unfortunately, grouping doesn't support multiple fields, only one field can be used
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    I have found some custom solution at http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?226739,
    Can you please help to apply this into EXT.NET solution?


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    You should attach the extension's resources (JavaScript, CSS (if exists)) to the page and use it via JavaScript.

    To use it as usual server Ext.NET controls you should implement a custom control.

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