[CLOSED] GridPanel CheckAll functionality

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    [CLOSED] GridPanel CheckAll functionality


    I have used GridPanel with CheckColumn with local PageToolbar with PageSize = 20.

    I have binded store with 1200 record in page_load.

    Now I want to apply checkall functionality of all store's record. but it checks only 20 records.

    Code For Check All functionality is given below and I have wirten in CheckColumn's AfterRenderer.
    this.el.on('click', function (e, el) {for (i = 0; i < #{StoreSearchResult}.getRange().length; i++) {#{StoreSearchResult}.getAt(i).set('chk',#{chkSelectAll}.checked)} #{GridSearchResult}.view.refresh();avgRapRateAll();});
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    Hi Shailesh,

    Do you use remote or local paging?
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    Hi Daniil,

    I am using local paging..

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    OK. I think it is possible, but not easy.

    Override the onHeaderClick function to select/deselect all the records.

    Here is an example of how to select records from a non-current page.

    You should iterate all the Store's records.
    and populate a "selectedData" (see the example) object with all the ids.

    Hope this helps.

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