[CLOSED] How to loop through grouped grid with checkboxselectionmodel

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    [CLOSED] How to loop through grouped grid with checkboxselectionmodel


    I have a grid that displays groups. I am using a checkboxselectionmodel.

    When I check ALL records, my delete method just deletes all selected rows in the first group, even if records in other groups are checked as well

            Dim sm As RowSelectionModel = TryCast(Me.GridPanelTasks.GetSelectionModel(), RowSelectionModel)
            Dim idList As New List(Of Long)
            For Each row As SelectedRow In sm.SelectedRows
            // delete all records in idList
    Sorry couldnt find something in the demos, so how do I need to alter my for each in order to include ALL groups and not just the first one

    Second question, is there any way to give group headers a checkbox as well in order to select/unselect all items from a group? I am using a menuitem in a groupcommand right now, but it is a bit ugly because every button is on a different position dependant upon the length of the group name, so I would need something on the left side just next to the expanding '+' icon
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    Hi @blueworld,

    Re: deleting

    Could you clarify what exactly the problem is? Does not SelectedRows contain all the records?

    Could you also demonstrate your code for removal?

    Re: a command to select/unselect

    Please start a new forum thread.
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    Hi Daniil,

    you can close this Thread it was my fault. I had a hardcoded result limit in my query.

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