Has anyone run into a similar problem? When I switch from HTML source view to design view or save the ASPX page, Visual Studio 2008 (with SP1) crashes. This happens ONLY when I have a thrid party control placed inside the center of borderlayout in a viewport. The same problem occurs when I place TabPanel in the Center and then place my thirdy party control in the Tab1 of TabPanel1 residing in Center. I tried using Panel instead of a TabPanel and had the same issue.

Is there anything I must be aware of while nesting controls in the center of border layout? Is there some container that must be wrapping the controls nested in borderlayout of view port?

This issue does not occur if I place the third party control outside of the viewport. I know the thirparty control is a regular asp .net server side control and I dont believ it has issues that are causing VS2008 to crash.

Please help!

Thanks a lot!!