[FIXED] [2.2] Move event in weekview calendar

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    [FIXED] [2.2] Move event in weekview calendar

    Hi all, i dont know if it is a bug or not,

    In calendar view http://examples2.ext.net/#/Calendar/Overview/Basic/

    I cant move the event in weekview, only in monthly view.. is correct or is a real bug?

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    Hi @rammus,

    I just tested in Chrome. It seems the events are moved well in the Week view.

    Any more details?
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    hi danil, sorry for delay

    So first you create a new event in week or dayview

    now try to move this event?? Its not working.. but when you create in monthly view you can drag or resize.

    Its a bug on sync??

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    It has been fixed in SVN and will be included to the upcoming v2.2 release.

        getEventIdFromEl: function (el) {
            el = Ext.get(el);
            var parts,
                id = '',
                classes = el.dom.className.split(' ');
            Ext.each(classes, function (cls) {
                parts = cls.split(this.eventElIdDelimiter);
                if (parts.length > 1) {
                    id = parts[1];
                    return false;
            }, this);
            return id;
    Thank you for the report.

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