i found this page regarding stacking of DIVs


the HTML code there at the end does not show up the same in IE and firefox.

this is in relation to my problem posted in


i have found out earlier that coolite renders desktop windows inside a single DIV containing the shortcuts and all desktop items while normal windows are rendered in seperate DIVs.

the problem is that in IE, if you have a divs which are in the same level, their z-index controls their positioning (higher z-index, will appear on top). but if a DIV is inside another DIV (much like the scenario of the desktop windows being inside a main desktop DIV), even if the z-index of the div (inside another DIV) is set higher than a DIV (with the same level as the parent's DIV), the DIV that is of the higher in heirarchy in level will still appear on top. that is why desktop windows always appear below normal windows.

the z-index of the desktop can be set higher but the problem will be the normail windows will be rendered useless and inaccessible... please help on this.