I've the following entities in my model:

- Id
- Text
- Type
- OptionsList ( a collection of Option entities )

- Id
- QuestionId
- OptionText
- OptionValue

I need to prepare a FormPanel to represent a single Question entity, which should look like:

(static fields)
- TextField for Question's text
- ComboBox for Question's type

(user can add zero or multiple options)
- AddOption button to dynamically create following controls on client-side

The problem is:

I know how to handle static fields in Controller side bacuse i know their names and my Controller method have the parameter names.

But since option fields are created dynamically at client-side, when form data is once post, Controller is not aware of the newly added form fields.

I guess passing JSON data would be a proper way to handle dynamically added fields but couldn't find how to tell FormPanel to work it that way.

I need to collect form data and create a JSON object (which will have a hierarchical structure) and pass it to the Controller method on form submit.

Any idea?