[CLOSED] Dynamic line charts with unknown number of yfields

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    [CLOSED] Dynamic line charts with unknown number of yfields

    I want to display a chart with store loaded remotely via httphandler. Problem is that I do not know what the columns the datatable will have until I fetch the data. How can I create a model for my store or series for my chart without knowing the columns ahead of time? The flow is as follows:

    1. Page loads and a chart is added to the page. Chart's store has autoload on with ajax proxy to a httphandler
    2. HttpHandler runs a report from the database that returns a datatable. The datatable is sent to the client.
    3. At this point, how do I add fields to my model plus define series for my chart?

    Am I better off not creating chart in the first place and create it in javascript when I get data back from the httphandler?
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    Could you dynamically generate the whole chart + store based upon some DirectEvent or DirectMethod request (or just during Page_Load)? Then render them to the page?
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Yes, I guess it is better do not create chart until required data is received
    After that (after data receiving) you can create store and chart manually and render to required element

    By the way, store and grid can change own structure basing on meta in the request
    See in SVN /Examples/GridPanel/Data_Presentation/Meta_config_with_handler/Default.aspx

    Unfortunately, such functionality is not presented in chart
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer

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