Helpful Panel javascript overrides for 2.x

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    Helpful Panel javascript overrides for 2.x

    The following javascript methods were deprecated in 2.x. IMO, they shouldn't be since they are such good convenient methods. So here's a quick way to get them back.

    Admin: feel free to move this to Examples and Extras if that's more appropriate

        getTool: function (type) {
            return this.down('tool[type=' + type + ']');
        getBottomToolbar: function () {
            return this.getDockedItems('toolbar[dock="bottom"]')[0];
        getTopToolbar: function () {
            return this.getDockedItems('toolbar[dock="top"]')[0];
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    Thank you for sharing!

    Thread have been moved to Examples and Extras forum.
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    Hi @jchau,

    +1, thank you for sharing.

    Do you mind I will add the following breaking change item?

    159. The Panel client side methods - getTool, getBottomToolbar, getTopToolbar - have be removed.

    Here is a possible substitution. Thanks to a forum member @jchau.

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