[CLOSED] performance issue for record.endEdit();

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    [CLOSED] performance issue for record.endEdit();


    We have a page which has a gridpanel. The user can change the value in cell and click tab button to navigate to next cell.
    In the "AfterEdit" event handler of gridpanel, we have some business logic calculati6on and update the value in store by:
    record.set('field', value);
    Right now we found the performance of tabbing is very poor, as there is like 3-4 second delay when you navigate to the next cell on a low profile machine.
    The problem we spotted is when we call "record.endEdit()", the tabbing's performance is very good but the view won't update the store's changes.

    Is there any idea or suggestion we can do to improve the record.endEdit() performance?

    Thank you
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    Couldn't reproduce your problem. Can you provide example of this problem?

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