[CLOSED] Possible to overflow text in a column grid?

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    [CLOSED] Possible to overflow text in a column grid?


    I have a long text value to show in a grid column. Proble is I did not want to have "..." at the end of the column but see the text on several line in place.

    I trie with OverflowX and OverflowY in column property, but it seems to not have effect I want to achieve. I see perhaps with cls but here again, epic fail. I search in Ext book but find only overflow for toolbar (and again, not the way I want to achive effect)

    So any solution?
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    Hi @feanor91,

    Please set up Wrap="true" for a Сolumn.
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    as easy as this?

    So what OverflowX and Y are used for please??
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    Please read.

    Well, I doubt these options make sense for a grid column.
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    Yes, your right having scrollbar in a column...not sure it will be usefull.

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