[CLOSED] Checkbox selection getting repeat after locking grid columns

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    [CLOSED] Checkbox selection getting repeat after locking grid columns


    I am using Grid panel of Ext.net 2.1.
    I Want to lock some columns of grid.
    I have used Check box selection model in grid panel.
    When I apply lock for first three columns of grid then grid shows locked columns properly but showing Checkbox selection column again after locked columns.Click image for larger version. 

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     <%:Html.X().ResourceManager(ViewBag.ManagerConfig as MvcResourceManagerConfig)%>
                    .PaddingSpec("1 1 1 1")
                                new ModelField("TalentID"),
                                new ModelField("FirstName", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("LastName", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("EmailID1", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("IsActive", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("OrgnizationLevel", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("Department", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("Position", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("Grade", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("Role", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("Created_TS", ModelFieldType.String),
                                new ModelField("Updated_TS", ModelFieldType.String)                          
                                Html.X().Column().Text("Talent ID").DataIndex("TalentID").Flex(1).Hidden(true),
                                Html.X().Column().Text("First Name").DataIndex("FirstName").Renderer("updateUser").Cls("custom-header").Locked(true),
                                Html.X().Column().Text("Last Name").DataIndex("LastName").Renderer("updateUser").Cls("custom-header").Locked(true),
                                Html.X().Column().Text("Orgnization Level").DataIndex("OrgnizationLevel").Cls("custom-header").MinWidth(130),
                        ).Listeners(ls => ls.Render.Fn="test")
                                                .Listeners(ls =>ls.Select.Fn = "GetCheckedRecords")
                                                .Listeners(ls => ls.Deselect.Fn = "GetCheckedRecords")                                                    
                        .BottomBar(Html.X().PagingToolbar().PaddingSpec("15 10 25 10").BorderSpec("1 0 0 0").ID("PageBar")) 
                                 Html.X().Toolbar().Cls("top-bar").BorderSpec("0 1 0 1").PaddingSpec("10 10 10 10").ID("TopBar").Items(
                                 Html.X().Button().ID("btnClone").Text("Clone").Cls("btn-clone btn").Disabled(true),
                                 Html.X().Button().ID("btnDelete").Text("Delete").Disabled(true).Cls("btn-delete btn").Listeners(ls => ls.Click.Handler = "Ext.Msg.confirm('Delete','Are you sure you want to delete the record(s)?It will delete all data associated with it.',function(btn) { if (btn == 'yes') deleteCheckedRecords(); });"),
                                 Html.X().Button().ID("btnEmail").Text("Email").Cls("btn-email btn"),
                                 Html.X().Button().ID("btnPrint").Text("Print").Cls("btn-print btn"),
                                 Html.X().Button().ID("btnEdit").Text("Edit Columns").Cls("btn-edit btn"),
                                 Html.X().TextField().ID("txtSearchBox").Cls("txt-searchbox").Width(200).Height(30) ).MarginSpec("0 0 0 -2px"))
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    Hi @alscg,

    Thank you for the report.

    Yes, I was able to reproduce it with v2.1 release.

    But the issue doesn't appear with the latest Ext.NET sources from the SVN trunk. So, it has been fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniil View Post
    Hi @alscg,

    Thank you for the report.

    Yes, I was able to reproduce it with v2.1 release.

    But the issue doesn't appear with the latest Ext.NET sources from the SVN trunk. So, it has been fixed.
    Hi Daniil,

    I have taken updated ext.net dlls from SVN trunk. Above issue is resolved but new issue occured i.e.
    I am trying to open jquery popup on button click or from grid row click.
    It was woking fine with older ext.net dlls but after adding new ext.net dlls I am getting error for ext.fly() and popup is not functioning well.
    Please refer image : Click image for larger version. 

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    As far as I can see the errors occur in jQuery. It is difficult to say something concrete.

    If you provided a sample to reproduce, we would be happy to investigate.

    But, please, start a new forum thread since it is another topic.

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