[CLOSED] The Access theme in the Ext.Net examples doesn't look right

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    [CLOSED] The Access theme in the Ext.Net examples doesn't look right

    It is supposed to have a high contrast, however, the nodes in the menu are barely visible. Please see the screenshot.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is just Examples Explorer rules affects on the tree from main page
    If you open any tree example then you will see that node text has another color
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Yes, the Ext.Net/ExtJs components are fine. It is some of the text provided as html that doesn't use the theme colors. I can live with that :-)
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    I think we should correct our styles to get those nodes visible better with Access theme.

    Thank you for the report.
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    We were able to correct those theming issues. Thank you again for the report!

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