[CLOSED] Center image command in column

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    [CLOSED] Center image command in column

    I have an image command column with width = 100. How do I center the image commands in that column? Right now, they are left aligned. I tried setting Align property but that didn't work.

                Dim col As New ImageCommandColumn
                With col
                    .Width = Unit.Pixel(100)
                    .Align = Alignment.Center
                    .Text = "Review"
                    .Locked = False
                    .MenuDisabled = True
                    .Sortable = False
                End With
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    Hi @jchau,

    Unfortunately, ImageCommandColumn doesn't support the Align property.

    We would be happy to implement some CSS solution. Do you have any suggestion?
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    I see that now commands are floated in the cell. I don't think there's an easy CSS way to center things so it's not a big deal. I will add some padding so the image commands are not right next to the grid lines.

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