[CLOSED] DirectEvent.Click.Url path on nested site at IIS

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    [CLOSED] DirectEvent.Click.Url path on nested site at IIS

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    I need to deploy my project in a site nested another site in IIS as in the attached image. The website to deploy is "CadastroProdutos"

    But I'm having problems with the path of "URL" property (Button.DirectEvents.Click.URL).

    When the site is deployed on "localhost" I just need to set the URL property to something like "/Person/Create/", but it doesn't works in the new tree of sites...

    To work properly I need to change the URL to /BackOffice/CadastroProdutos/Person/Create" but I'm unable to do that because I can deploy this project in differents servers...

    There are some way to achieve that?
    I thought to override the URL property and complete it with "/BackOffice/CadastroProdutos/" but I really have no idea of what to do...

    Would you help me?

    Thank you.
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    Try this
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer

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