[CLOSED] Grid with popup editor

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    [CLOSED] Grid with popup editor

    Hello, I'm trying to migrate one of my projects from KendoUI to Ext.Net MVC, and I have a problem migrating a grid with AJAX CRUD operations and a popup editor.

    In KendoUI I can specify an EditorTemplate to render in the popup window and then I just call the 'addRow' or 'editRow' methods of the grid and it shows the editor modal window and calls appropriate controller methods when I click the 'save' button in the editor window.

    I failed to find any examples of how this can be implemented in Ext.Net.

    I would appreciate any pointers to the right direction.
    Even if it's not possible to do exactly what I described in Ext.Net, an example of something even remotely similar would be great.
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    Hi @acrossdev,

    What about the RowEditing plugin?

    Well, it is not a popup window, but something similar.

    Please note that the online example shows a failure window on saving. But it works well in the trunk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniil View Post
    What about the RowEditing plugin?
    Tahnks for the suggestion, I noticed it but it doesn't really fit my needs. The reason is I need some relatively complicated GUI to create/edit a record. First the user chooses the record type and then a set of fields that depends on the type is displayed for editing. The grid columns are not the fields that are edited by the popup window, they are a projection of them. Think about editing the first and last name which are then concatenated and displayed in the "Full Name" column - that's not my situation, it's just an example to show why editing column values directly isn't appropriate to me.
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    Unfortunately, we have no ready solution for editing using a popup window.

    You could create a Window with a FormPanel. Bind a record to that FormPanel.

    Edit the FormPanel fields, then save.

    There is the FormPanelFor builder which you might use.

    Theoretically, the following should be possible.

    Putting a partial view into a Window. Then putting a FormPanelFor into that partial view. Then rerender that partial view with a respective Model's object when a user chooses a type of record.

    Hope this helps.

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