Submit form by parameter

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    Submit form by parameter

    Hi, i need to send all form by parameter in a and I cant do it.
    From client side I have the followin sentence'process', {
    url: 'frmDynamic.aspx',
    params: {
    operation: 'Save', sender:this.frm_abm; <--- this is the parameter who I need to send on it the entire form

    and in the server side I have this method

    public void process(string operation,object sender) <--- here I want to recieve all the form from client side

    Can someone help me?


    Jhonn from Argentina
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    Please wrap all code samples in [CODE] tags.

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    you can accomplish it by doing the following:
    Note: the code presented above just get the value of dirty fields. If you want to get the value of all fields, please pass false to getFieldValues method.

    You can find more information on:!...getFieldValues

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