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    [CLOSED] Multiple IDs and partial views clarification


    I have a partial view, which should be rendered many times inside an index page.

    If i don't set any id, all is rendered nice.
    Then I need to set IDs, for example to buttons inside the partial view, to be able to enable/disable them dinamically.
    But If I set IDs, buttons are generated only once inside a window. When I render the partial view the second time, the button disappear from the first window and is rendered in the second. (It seems to be a correction of the old "multiple id" exception).

    I would have ids on buttons, and i would have javascript to act on controls of the same partial view/window, not different window. So I logically removed the problem of multiple ids, because I would work only from a control to others controls in the same partial view/window.

    Without explicitly set IDs, how can i have js functions working on controls?

    How can I manage to do it?
    How should I set IDmode on window and on buttons?

        .Title("WINDOW 1")
        .BodyStyle("background-color: #fff")
        .Items(items =>
                                        .Text("Open Window")
                                        .Listeners(listeners =>
                                            listeners.Click.Handler = "#{btn2}.disable();";
                                        .Text("Open Window")
    And and an Index.cshtml with a button who renders the partial view.

            .Text("Show window")
                        .DirectEvents(de =>
                            de.Click.Url = Url.Action("RenderWindow");

    Thank you.
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