[2.1] GridPanelFor Editor field related to model

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    [2.1] GridPanelFor Editor field related to model


    I built a GridPanel using GridPanelFor successfully.
    Now I would add a editor feature to the grid (later I would add a way to save changes).

    I added a CellEditing Plugin, but Editor Field for each column is not defined, because columns are generated form model.
    I also looked for a way to add them in the model, but i did not found that.

    How can i define those fields dinamically, to be generated with the GridPanel from model?

    My GridPanelFor code is

                    .Plugins(plugins =>
    Very similar to the example at mvc.ext.net.
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    Unfortunately, Editor cannot be defined in Model
    I can suggest:
    - define it in view
    - use Editor property of GridPanel, like in the following sample
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    Ok, I'm watching the TreePanel editor sample to port it to the grid.

    I saw that there are 3 editors defined (text, number, combo).
    I also saw that every node has a CustomAttribute.Add(config item) "editor" with value 0, 1 or 2.

    Does the value is related to the number of editor to use?

    If I use this method in the GridPanelFor control, can i define the configItem of the column in the model?

    What is the
    <ext:ModelField Name="editor" Type="Int" />
    defined in fields?

    Thank you.

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