[CLOSED] Token is not unique

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    [CLOSED] Token is not unique

    What causes TokenNotUniqueException? This is coming from the new Transformer.NET class. And, what does the following error message tell me?

    Token is not unique
    ID = ctl00_MainContent_gpnlOrphanedArtifacts_ClientInit
    TagName = anchor
    Match = <#:anchor id="ctl00_MainContent_gpnlOrphanedArtifacts_ClientInit" />
    I have scoured the grid panel and found no ID's that are duplicated in the program.

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    Do you use gpnlOrphanedArtifacts twice somewhere?
    Can you post test sample reproduces the issue?
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    I had the same exception this morning, the reason simply was that I've accidentialy added the same button twice to a toolbar:

            Dim tbButton1 As New Ext.Net.Button()
            tbButton1 .ID = "B1"
            tbButton1 .Text = "Button 1"
            tbButton1 .Handler = "doSomething();"
            Dim tbButton2 As New Ext.Net.Button()
            tbButton2 .ID = "B2"
            tbButton2 .Text = "Button 2"
           tbButton2 .Handler = "doSomething();"
            Dim myToolbar As New Ext.Net.Toolbar()
            myToolbar.ID = "MpToolBar"
            return myToolbar

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