[CLOSED] Window closeAction default changed from ExtJS from destroy to hide

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    [CLOSED] Window closeAction default changed from ExtJS from destroy to hide

    ExtJS 4.1.3 docs say Ext.window.Window.closeAction defaults to 'destroy' but Ext.NET, it defaults to 'hide' instead. Was this intended and will it stay this way? I am creating windows in javascript.

        closeAction     : "hide",    
        defaultRenderTo : "body",
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    I think if you want all windows created on the server side to default to hide, the server control should send down the config closeAction: 'hide' instead of overriding the javascript class.
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    I just looked at Ext.NET v1.0 and the same override was there too so you can disregard my opening post. No need to remove the override since it has been there since v1.0. I will just keep this in mind when creating windows in javascript.

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    In Ext.Net, Hide close action was by default since Window class implementation (since Coolite 0.x versions) therefore Hide will be default value in future as well
    It was changed because Hide mode is used more often than not under WebForm
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