[CLOSED] [OT] Current version Ext

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    [CLOSED] [OT] Current version Ext

    HI...i have update the SVN to the 4591, but where version use ?
    The Branch 2.1 or the Trunk ?

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    Hi Aurelio,

    To get the latest sources please update from the trunk.
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    When compile le project in the folder Trunk, i retrive an error:
    Error 5 'Ext.Net.MultiSelectListeners' does not contain a definition for 'AfterDrop' and no extension method 'AfterDrop' accepting a first argument of type 'Ext.Net.MultiSelectListeners' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) D:\Ext.Net\Premium\trunk\Ext.Net\Factory\ConfigOpt ions\MultiSelectListenersConfigOptions.cs 43 150 Ext.Net

    and the project is not compiled..

    The definition ComponentListener AfterDrop in the file MultiSelect not exist.

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    AfterDrop has been renamed to Drop.

    I just tried, the sources from trunk are built well for me.

    I can't see AfterDrop in the MultiSelectListenersConfigOptions,cs file.
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    I have delete the folder Trunk and update...now it's OK


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