AjaxProxy Example

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    AjaxProxy Example


    Please provide a AjaxProxy Example(in codeBehind). I did not find it in examples.ext.net.

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    Any Update.........
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    Not really sure what you mean by AjaxProxy?

    If you are not getting a reply to your forum posts, please post more information regarding the question, such as a code sample demonstrating as much of the scenario as possible. Just blindly bumping the thread doesn't really help.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Thanks for your reply
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    I want an example of ajaxproxy.

    Ajax proxy is a tag in store. Also store is defined in combobox or gridpanel. So any body understand my problem can help.

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    I want pass a url for ajax proxy. And want to get data from that web service.

    Any example in code behind.

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    I am using onIt function for combobox.

    protected override void OnInit (EventArgs e)
    			this.QueryMode = DataLoadMode.Remote;
    			this.TriggerAction = TriggerAction.All;
    			this.MinChars = 1;
    			this.PageSize = 10;
    			this.TypeAhead = false;
    			this.Editable = true;
    			this.ForceSelection = true;
    			var reader=new Ext.Net.JsonReader();
    			var model = new Model();
    			reader.Root = "data";
    			reader.TotalProperty = "total";
    			var proxy=new Ext.Net.AjaxProxy();
    			proxy.ActionMethods.Read = HttpMethod.POST;
    			proxy.Url = this.getProxyUrl();
    			var store=new Ext.Net.Store();
    			store.ID = this.ID + "_store";
    			store.WarningOnDirty = false;
    			store.AutoLoad = false;			
    So any example regarding this.
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    Hi @geoffrey.mcgill,

    Now understand or not. Want some more details. Feel free if want more details.

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