[CLOSED] BottomBar-StatusBar Icon and Text not arranged properly

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    [CLOSED] BottomBar-StatusBar Icon and Text not arranged properly

    I have aStatusBar inside a BottomBar of a panel defined like this:
                            <ext:StatusBar ID="ExtInvBottomBar" runat="server" Text="Liquidated Value: " Icon="Information"></ext:StatusBar>
    The Icon and Text overlapped each other....I think this is not the desired effect, isn't it?
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    Hi CarpFisher,

    An icon should be aligned manually via CSS as it is done in ExtJS and Ext.NET examples.
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    Thank you very much for that. However one would think that it behaves like other controls that the ICONs are arranged properly themselves without extra care/coding. I am happy to put extra code, but for the ease of using the library ExtJs should implement the arrangement of Icon, right?
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    I've find another quick solution for this. If you call the showBusy() on the client side before you set the text, it will set the correct CSS for the ICON and text, and they will be aligned correctly. E.g. for changing a selection in a grid:

        <BeforeSelect Handler="#{STATUSBAR_ID}.showBusy();"></BeforeSelect>
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    Maybe, you are right. It would simplify usage.

    Though, actually, they implemented auto-alignment in the showBusy method that you used.
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    Geoffrey McGill

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