[CLOSED] Layout Config

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    [CLOSED] Layout Config

    I am using MVC/Razor. I am using a Radio group with a custom config:
    Html.X.RadioGroup() _
               .AllowBlank(False) _
               .AutoFitErrors(False) _
               .MsgTarget(MessageTarget.Side) _
               .FieldLabel("Template") _
               .Layout(LayoutType.Column) _
                 Html.X.Container() _
                 .ID("radioCol1") _
                 .ColumnWidth(1) _
                 Html.X.Component().Html("To Client").Cls("x-form-check-group-label"),
                 Html.X.Radio().ID("rdoClientFirst").BoxLabel("Client First or Simultaneously").BoxLabelStyle("font-weight:normal !important").BoxLabelAlign(BoxLabelAlign.After),
                 Html.X.Radio().ID("rdoFullyExecuted").BoxLabel("Fully Executed"),
                 Html.X.Component().Html("To RI").Cls("x-form-check-group-label"),
                 Html.X.Radio().ID("rdoRIFirst").BoxLabel("First or Simultaneously"),
                 Html.X.Radio().ID("rdoClientSignature").BoxLabel("Client Signature")
    I have been trying to find the "pack" feature of the layout configuration so that I can get the radio group items to pack to the top, but I can't seem to find it. Is that still available in 2.0? If not, is there an equivalent?
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    Hi @adelaney,

    There was no "pack" feature for Column layout. It is available for HBoxLayout and VBoxLayout.

    Though I am not 100% sure what you mean.

    If you would provide a mockup of the required layout, we could suggest something.
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    How do you use layoutconfig in MVC for VBox?
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    Hi @KBorkiewicz,

    Do you mean Razor? Here it is.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Ext.Net.MVC v2 Example</title>    
                new VBoxLayoutConfig()
                    Align = VBoxAlign.Stretch
                Html.X().Container().Flex(1).StyleSpec("background-color: green;"),
                Html.X().Container().Flex(1).StyleSpec("background-color: yellow;")
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    That is what I meant, thank you. However I get these errors when I try to do that:

    "The best overloaded method match for 'Ext.Net.AbstractContainer.Builder<Ext.Net.Container,Ext.Net.Container.Builder>.LayoutConfig(System.Action<Ext.Net.LayoutConfigCollection>)' has some invalid arguments"
    "Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Ext.Net.VBoxLayoutConfig' to 'System.Action<Ext.Net.LayoutConfigCollection>'"
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    What is the Ext.NET version you are trying with?
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    Please update to v2.1.
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    Thank you, it works!

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