Message "unlicensed"

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    Message "unlicensed"

    Hello, I'm using Ext.Net to do my school work, and when I publish the message appeared "unlicensed". How do I remove this message? Thank you.
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    Please clarify what license do you use - Community or Pro?
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    I would like to use the Community. How do I use it?
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    Then you should use Ext.NET Community sources. You won't get this unlicensed message with these sources.
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    For the sources I use, I just import the .dlls to my project?
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    I am afraid I don't understand the question well. Please elaborate.
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    How do I use the license Ext.Net Comunity? I have to use the project available on github or I just import the dlls available there for my current project?
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    Yes, please download the dlls from
    and use them in your project.
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    thank you very much. I'll try!!
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    Glad to help.

    Please ask if you will face any trouble more.

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