[CLOSED] 2.x Hide Grid columns on client side

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    [CLOSED] 2.x Hide Grid columns on client side


    How can I hide column on client side, when I click a button?

    this code works well in EXT.NET 1.0

    if (#{grid1}.getColumnModel().isHidden(6))
        #{grid1}.getColumnModel().setHidden(6, false); 
    but does not work in version Ext.NET 2.0. Any help?

    Thanks in advance
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    We are glad to see you on the Ext.NET forums!

    The problem is related to the CHANGELOG items #12 and #18.

    12. Column .ColumnID has been renamed to .ID

    Now Column is a component and registered in ComponentMgr (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?133562)


    //Old <ext:Column ColumnID="company">

    //New <ext:Column ID="company" runat="server">
    18. ColumnModel .SetHidden() has been removed.

    Use Column .Hidden


    //Old this.GridPanel1.ColumnModel.SetHidden(2, true);

    //New this.GridPanel1.ColumnModel.Columns[2].Hidden = true;
    The CHANGELOG is online:
    and in the sources.

    The above CHANGELOG items means that you can the following.

    1. Specify an ID for the Column, for example, "Column1" and call just:
    2. If you need to access a Column by index, please use this code:

    My best thoughts regarding migration from v1 to v2 are here:
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    Thank you Daniil,

    Please mark the issue is resolved.

    I have applied the following code which is work in EXT.NET 2.x

    if (App.grid1.columns[6].isHidden()) { 
    else {  
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    Also you can use the setVisible function.

    var col = App.grid1.columns[6];
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    Thank you Daniil.

    It is a good advice :)

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