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    [CLOSED] Localisation

    I'm just starting a new app where the user can choose between many language after some search i find many ways to use localisation in asp.net
    for the asp pages :fieldlabel,text etc ......
    i found 2 ways neither using a global resource or a local resource

    using a global resource file in an explicit way

              <ext:Cell CellCls="styleOfCells">
                                    <ext:ComboBox LabelWidth="60" ID="comboGallery" runat="server" StoreID="dsGallery"
                                        LabelSeparator=" " LabelAlign="Right" Width="200px" Editable="false"
                                        DisplayField="getName" AllowBlank="false" ValueField="getId"  
                                        EmptyText="Select a Gallery..." AutoRender="false"   FieldLabel="<%$Resources:Localisation.aspx,test1%>">
    using a local resource file in an implicit way

           <ext:Cell CellCls="styleOfCells">
                                    <ext:ComboBox LabelWidth="60" ID="comboType" runat="server" StoreID="dsType"
                                        LabelSeparator=" " LabelAlign="Right" Width="200px" Editable="false"
                                        DisplayField="getName" FieldLabel="Type*" AllowBlank="false" ValueField="getId"
                                        EmptyText="Select an Employee..." AutoRender="false" 
                                        ContentUpdated="false" HiddenName="comboType_Value" 
                                        meta:resourcekey="comboTypeResource1" TriggerAction="All">
                                        <Template EnableViewState="false" Visible="false">
    i just want to know if using one of this methods has any impact if used with ext.net controls ??and if i can use the asp:ScriptManager instead of the ext:ResourceManager for Localizing client side JavaScript is there any impact?? or is there any way to set up the ResourceManager to enable script localisation ????

     <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" EnableScriptLocalization="true" runat="server">
                  <asp:ScriptReference Path="../../Scripts/AllItemJS.js" ResourceUICultures="it-IT,fr-FR"  />
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