[CLOSED] Dynamic Gridpanel Javascript MVC

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    [CLOSED] Dynamic Gridpanel Javascript MVC

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to upgrade some javascript code for creating the gridpanel dynamically from code. Do you guys have a sample doing this using buffered scrolling. I have no choice but to create the gridpanel dynamically at runtime as I don't know the fields until then.
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    If you are able to create a required grid in markup, then you could look at the generated script in Page Sources.

    For example (in Chrome):

    1. Open this in a separate browser tab.

    2. Press Ctrl + U.

    3. Search for the Ext.onReady script (it can be in "extnet-init-js" script if ResourceManager's InitScriptMode="Linked")

    4. Copy this script.

    5. Paste into
    and press "Beautify".
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