[CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin

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    [CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin

    In older v1.x I have a grid with a rowExpander plugin with property Hidden="true" but in v2.x hidden property doesn't exists.
    If I set Visible="false" I think it doesn't render and I have an error.

    Class: Ext.Net.InitScriptFilter
    Method: Transform
    Message: ItemTag validation (_tkn_25): Reference token (MainContent_ctlPersonas_gridErrores_ClientInit) was not found.
    I need hidden property to show or hide the plugin.

    How I have to perform this now?
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    I suggest to add the following listener to the grid to hide row expander
    <AfterRender Handler="this.headerCt.getHeaderAtIndex(0).hide();" />
    To show
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    It works thanks!

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