[CLOSED] Resolving ASP.NET urls

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    [CLOSED] Resolving ASP.NET urls

    What are your thoughts on changing the line

    return (obj == null) ? "" : (string)obj;

    return (obj == null) ? "" : this.Owner.ResolveUrl((string)obj);
    in TreeLoaderBase.cs similar to how it's done in PageTreeLoader?
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    RE: [CLOSED] Resolving ASP.NET urls

    Hi Justin,

    I'm assuming you're referring to the .DataUrl property?

    If yes, the value is later resolved using this.Owner.ResolveUrl when theUrlProxy property is returned. TheUrlProxy value is the actual value used in the config object.

    Hope this helps.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: [CLOSED] Resolving ASP.NET urls

    Sorry, realised I missed out the whole pre-amble of what I was trying to explain.

    If you use a TreeLoader e.g.

    <ext:TreeLoader Clear&#111;nload="true" DataUrl="~/Handler.ashx" />
    The the client side script is rendered to look for the url ~/Handler.ashx which of course does not exist.

    By changing line 87 in TreeLoaderBase as detailed in my previous post the client side renders [CORRECTPATH]/Handler.ashx as required.

    I found that this is how you had done it in PageTreeLoader.cs and have not seen any unwanted side effects from this change.

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    RE: [CLOSED] Resolving ASP.NET urls

    Thanks for the update...

    It looks like the .DataUrl property was not properly configured in TreeLoaderBase.cs. Previously I was only looking in PageTreeLoader.cs.

    I moved things around and now the client-side initialization script should be set with the fully resolved .url.

    Geoffrey McGill

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