[CLOSED] Changing the Displaying message in a page on a grid

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    [CLOSED] Changing the Displaying message in a page on a grid

    I need to get\change at run time the text: ' Displaying 1-20 of..' in the buttom of the page of a grid, from the client.
    I could not find any javascript method or property to allow me that.
    Your help is appritiated.
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    Please set up the PagingToolbar DisplayMsg property.
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    Hi Danill, Thanks for your answer.

    I was aware of this property but what I actualy need is the values in the braces, The displayMsg property is a string with braces that are filled in run time by extjs.

    I found theese properties in extjs 4x documentation


    they hold the info that I need, but are not avaiable version 3.3 which I use.

    So what I acualy need is to get the values inside the braces that are in the property displayMsg string : 'Displaying {0} - {1} of {2}'.

    Any Ideas?
    Thanks A Lot
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    Please clarify the requirement. What exactly do you need to show instead of the default message?
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    It would be enough if I could just read those numbers.
    This is for an autotest that I'm writing,I need to varify the record ranges as dispyed that string
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    You can get them calling:
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    I tried it before.. it will only gets me this:
        total : 92,
        activePage : 1,
        pages : 5
    As I mensioned ,from extjs ver 4 the API covers the start and end values of the current page messege. but in 3.3 the above is the only information I get.
    Any other ideas?
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    I got the requirement now.

    Please use the PagingToolbar cursor:

    var start = PagingToolbar1.cursor + 1,
        end  = PagingToolbar1.cursor + PagingToolbar1.store.getCount();
    alert(start + " " + end);
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    this works great

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