I'm trying to use ext.net for first time , and i've some difficulties to find documentation for my use case, so sorry if the question seems too easy.

I work with MVC3, and I want to use multiselect list, and get its selected values in controller post action.

so here my code for multiselect List Creation

<%Ext.Net.Html.X().MultiSelect().ID("lbPossible").AutoHeight(true).Width(200).Store(store =>
                    .Model(m =>
                            .Fields(f =>
                    <button type="button" id="OneToRightTypologie" name="OneToRightTypologie">></button>
and here jquery part :
<script type="text/javascript">
          $(document).ready(function () {
              $('#OneToRightTypologie').click(function () {

                  var tab = App.lbPossible.getSelected();
                  var myString = '';
                  for (var i in tab) {
                      myString += tab[i].data.Typology_TypologyId + '|';

                      type: 'POST',
                      url: 'OneToRightTypologie',
                      contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
                      data: JSON.stringify({ idTypologytab: myString }),
                      dataType: "json",

                      success: function () { },

                      error: function () { }


and here my controler action
public ActionResult OneToLeftTypologie(string idTypologytab)
//update my list
where idTypologytab is list of selected value from multiselect list.

I have to do something like this :

This is almost working, because the source list is right updated in controller but Multiselect view is not updated,

So does anyone know how to update multiselect in view after ajaxPost ?
And does anyone got any ideas on how to do that by another way (without Ajax post) ?

Thanks in advance